Women and Affairs….

From Psychology Today…

“…Interestingly, the reasons men and women engage in relationship infidelity are often quite different, with each gender’s motivations generally paralleling our basic understanding of male and female sexuality. In short, women are usually interested in sex that includes (or at least hints at) some sort of emotional or relationship connection, while men are typically seeking a purely objectified sexual experience. Both scientific and nonscientific research confirms this dichotomy. For instance, a study by Rutgers University biological anthropologist Helen Fisher found that of men and women actively cheating on their spouse, 34 percent of the women said they were “happily married” whereas 56 percent of males felt that way. Thus, we see that women are more likely than men to have an affair when they’re not bonded in their primary relationship (and therefore are seeking that bond elsewhere), while men are more likely than women to have an affair despite feeling close to their wife. A nonscientific studyconducted by Undercover Lovers, a UK-based extramarital dating site, may be even more enlightening. Among women who stated that they were actively cheating, 57 percent reported feeling love for their affair partner, while only 27 percent of the men said they felt love for their mistress. This type of information furthers the conclusion that women who cheat are much more likely than men to be seeking an emotional bond, and that they may in fact feel such a bond even if their affair partner does not.”

“…Ashley Madison, a website and smartphone app specifically designed to facilitate extramarital affairs, currently has more than 21 million members, up from 14 million less than two years ago!”


Love and Sex in the Digital Age

by Robert Weiss, in Psychology Today,


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