Hours & Appointments

Regular Office Hours (subject to change without notice)

Monday                   Noon to 9:00pm (Evening rates apply after 5:00pm)

Tuesday                   7:00am to 9:00pm (Evening rates apply after 5:00pm)

Wednesday            7:00am to 9:00am.

Thursday                 7:00am to  9:00pm (Evening rates apply after 5:00pm)

Friday                        Closed  – except by special arrangement

Saturday                 Closed – except by special arrangement

Sunday                     Closed – except by special arrangement

Evening rates apply after 5:00pm, and any time outside regular office hours. 

When I am not using my office, it is usually being used by my intern so I am unable to book appointments at those times.

Phone Hours

I might pick up any time. 

The best way to set up an appointment is to call me.   If  I don’t pick up, I can often return your call soon.  Sometimes I can make an “emergency appointment” available within 24 hours. My voice mail is confidential. If possible, leave some “best times” for me to get back to you.

(619) 993-3397

 Voice mail is more secure than internet mail.  Sometimes internet providers keep copies – “ghost files” – for years. 

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