Independent, Autonomous and UNGRATEFUL, or is that Counter-dependent?

People who value autonomy and independence may be less likely to feel gratitude in response to a gift or favor, which could interfere with their bonds with others, suggests research in Cognition and Emotion.

In a study with more than 500 participants, researchers found that people who self-reported a higher level of autonomy (not wanting to depend on others or be depended on) reported feeling less gratitude after receiving a hypothetical gift from a friend.

In a follow-up study, they found that people higher in autonomy focused more on presenting themselves well and less on supporting others in their relationships, and that the lower value they attached to gratitude was linked to their goals in relationships.

From The Monitor, official publication ion The  American Psychological Association, March 2017, pp 8-9


44 thoughts on “Independent, Autonomous and UNGRATEFUL, or is that Counter-dependent?”

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