EFT and Sexuality

Many sexual issues that couples have are often deeper problems of connection.  A secure base in the relationship is essential for exploring sexual issues.  EFT can be used to directly address sexual issues.  Here is a video of Sue Johnson, the founder of EFT, talking about one sexual issue – premature ejaculation –  from an EFT perspective. The video was taken February 2,m 2017.

There are several common problems that people or all sexual orientations and genders  come for help with:
  • Betraying a partner by breaking a promise or agreement about sex.
  • For some, enjoyment of on-line pornography gets in the way of friendships and intimacy.
  • Some obsess about sex as a way of avoiding intimacy and other difficult feelings like sadness and anxiety.
  • Some may try to “sexualize” all aspects of all relationships, when it is inappropriate to do so.
  • Sometimes a person’s sexual turn-ons may be so unusual that it is difficult to find a partner, in which case they may want to work on expanding their sexual repertoire.
  • Often an erotic preference is enjoyed by one but not both of a couple, causing great conflict.
  • Often a trans or spicy person has difficulty in self-acceptance or coming out to potential intimate partners.
Erotic fantasies which are truly dysfunctional for a person, or sexual behaviors which need to be changed or abandoned, are often complicated with layers of guilt and deep shame. Coming to terms with these fantasies and behaviors requires setting aside the guilt and working though the shame.   True self-understanding brings self-acceptance.  As long as guilt obscures the understanding of unwanted behaviors, working to change them is like working in a dark fog.  This is all easier if you are working with a therapist who you know is comfortable and affirmative.
You deserve to work with a health care professional who is knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate, respectful, and affirmative of your sexuality and gender!  


Dr McConnell Interviewed about Low Sexual Desire


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