Children do Better at School If Parents Stress KINDNESS over ACHIEVEMENT


Affluent teens fare better when their parents emphasize kindness and other prosocial values at least as much as academic achievement, finds a study in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence.

Researchers studied 506 teens at a predominantly white, upper-middle-class middle school, asking them about their perceptions of what their parents value most, as well as about parental criticism, psychological symptoms and self-esteem.

The researchers also gathered data on grade-point averages and teacher-reported classroom behavior.

Children whose parents placed greater or the same level of emphasis on prosocial behavior as on achievement had higher school performance, higher self-esteem and fewer psychological symptoms than children whose parents placed greater emphasis on achievement.

The Monitor,  March 2017, pp 11-12

76 thoughts on “Children do Better at School If Parents Stress KINDNESS over ACHIEVEMENT”

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