Being Emotional about Presidential Politics Makes for Bad Investing

“Predicting which industries will benefit most from which candidate is a favorite parlor game of market seers…

“It all seems so logical  – but history seldom supports such reasoning.  In 2008, for example, the assumption based on his campaign platform was that President Obama would put gunmakers out of business, turn health care providers into wards of the state, and usher in a golden age for alternative energy.  Tell that to Smith and Wesson, whose stock price is almost nine times what it was five years ago.  Or to the health care sector, which has outpaced the market throughout this administration.  (Or to clean energy stocks, down 49% under Obama).

Excerpts from:

“How To Invest Whoever Wins” in Fortune Magazine,  11.01.2916,p 43.  By Taylor Tepper.

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