Resources – BLPD, etc


The Buddha and the Borderline: My Recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder through Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Buddhism, and Online Dating by Kiera Van Gelder

Sometimes I Act Crazy: Living with Borderline Personality Disorder by Jerold J. Kreisman and Hal Straus.

Overcoming Borderline Personality Disorder: A Family Guide for Healing and Change, by Valerie Porr.



Various forms of treatment are helpful for BLPD,  but the one which has been found most successful and which has the best research base is DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy).   Certified DBT includes both individual and group work, and engagement with several therapists who work together as a team. There are a number of providers and programs which include some DBT as part of their services in San Diego, but  I know of only two fully trained and certified DBT teams:

The DBT Center off I-15 and Pomerado Road

Sue Rose, LCSW is the contact for the Mission Valley DBT Team.



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