Some people find the following statements stimulate them to explore.

There is no magic score that determines if therapy is right for you.

After reading these items, you ought to have a pretty good idea if a commitment to further work is right for you.

Try replacing “I” with “we”, and “my” with “our.”

  1. stethoscope , dollar It is 10:00 PM and my mind is clear from thoughts of money.
  2.  Often I know the right thing to do financially, but I seem to get stuck and  just don’t do it.
  3. I pay off my credit care balances every month.
  4. The way I use money is in harmony with my pursuit of meaning and right direction.
  5. I share openly and honestly about financial matters with those I love.
  6. My estate planning reflects my current desires.
  7. I spend more time at my favorite pleasures than on financial news channels or websites.
  8. Shopping is guilt-free, glutton-free, binge-free, and pleasant. Impulsive shopping is not a concern.
  9. My (our) spending is in balance with my (our) income.
  10. I feel secure my reserves will carry me through if I lose my income.
  11. I enjoy a sense of financial plenty.
  12. My spending provides me with a satisfying return of pleasure.
  13. I am satisfied in my work/pleasure ratio.
  14. I assert my side in financial matters.
  15. I am resilient in the face of  financial setbacks.
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