I provide:Dr. McConnell

  • Couples therapy, marriage counseling, and pre-marital counseling.
  • Short-term individual therapy focused on symptom relief.
  • Long-term individual psychotherapy focused on personality issues and deeper change.
  • Supervision and consultation to therapists.

With twenty-five years of experience, I bring warmth, experience, and practical insight to my work in psychotherapy.  I have learned to be flexible in approaching different problems with different tools.

Every person and couple I see is different: different strengths; different weaknesses; and their own way of managing conflict and connection.  I love this aspect of my work. The endless variety that people bring into my office makes my work an ongoing source of challenge, interest and pleasure.

I enjoy providing psychotherapy now as much as when I was new to the field.  To keep fresh I limit the hours I practice each week, read widely, attend new workshops, consult with colleagues on new ideas, and find pleasure in my clients and their progress. I also enjoy the technical process of the work itself, and the elegance and logic of current theories of psychotherapy.  And, my work has changed: fifteen years ago almost all my work was individual psychotherapy.  Now over half my work is with couples therapy. Only 18% of therapists  doing couple therapy in the US actually have training in couples work!

My goal is to help people heal and move on as quickly as possible, but there is no magic. What at first looks like a simple task of symptom relief can sometimes uncover deeper issues, and deeper change takes time.  “Short-term psychotherapy” is 12 to 13 sessions. “Long-term psychotherapy” can last a year or several years.

James DiGloria

If cost is an issue, you might consider seeing my intern, James Digloria. Like me, he works with individuals, couples and poly relationships. James started counseling in 1999 in a residential setting for boys. In 2003 he started working with children on the autism spectrum.  Now  his focus has moved to a general practice with adults and adult relationships. In addition to his graduate studies, he is trained in relationship therapy and Sexology. James is now accumulating  the last of his required hours for independent licensure. Contact him directly for his fees, hours and availability.

James DiGloria

Registered Marriage and Family Counselor Intern (MFTi95541)
(619) 430-2463

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The best way to set up an appointment is to call.  All information left on my voice mail is treated as confidential. Please leave some “best times” for me to get back to you. Email and texting also works, but calling works best.

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