After some thirty years of practice, I am retiring on October 31, 2020.

At 70 years of age, it just feels like it is time to move on to an active retirement.

The practice of psychotherapy has given me the privilege of knowing many wonderful people at a depth which is rarely possible, even among friends.  The practice has invited me into the lives of people diverse across cultures, incomes, religions, sexualities, vocations, intellect and outlook.  I have discovered rich friendships among colleagues, and felt proud to share this vocation with so many exceptionally warm, caring, kind and bright people.  Like many in this field, I did not choose it as much as I felt called to it.  Psychotherapy is both art and science. Its practice has been intellectually and emotionally challenging.  In all, it has been a wonderful vocation.

The word “psyche” comes from the ancient Greek word for “breath” and was synonymous with “life” or “Spirit.”  The word “patient” comes from the ancient Greek, meaning “one who suffers.” It it related to patience. To provide therapy is to heal, and to be a psychotherapist is to acknowledge being a wounded healer.  As a vocation, psychotherapy requires an ongoing discipline of keeping a dual perspective of “the other” as both “an unknowable other” and as “the same as oneself.”

I am grateful to all those who have entrusted your hidden selves with me.  From each of you I have learned.

Thank you.


Contacting me.

As of October 31, 2020, I will be closing down my office, my office address on Front Street, and my email at John@JohnMcConnellPhD.com.  Soon after that I will be closing out my work number: (619) 993-3397.  The best way to contact me will be at this email address:



Records & Consultation


If you are seeing a new therapist, I will be glad to consult with them.

Individual records will be kept for 7 years from the date which I last saw each patient, and then destroyed.  For access, email me at johnmcconnellphd@gmail.com


My Intern, Skye White, will be continuing to see clients under the license of a different supervisor.  She can be reached at


Skye WhileSkye White, AMFT (#107192)

Website:  https://skyewhitemft.com
Phone:  (619) 738-2772
email:  skye@skyewhitemft.com

Skye works in a way that healing in therapy “happens right here, right now, in the present moment.”   She has advanced training in EFT and  Mindfulness Techniques.   Mindfulness techniques can gently help you tap into your inner world, make peace with yourself and let go of what is holding you back from creating the life of your dreams.  For Skye, the goal of treatment is not just to alleviate suffering but to move you to a true authenticity of self where you can experience joy.  She has training in a diversity of relationship, sexual, and gender issues.  Skye still has a few hours available at a reduced fee for clients in financial need.


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